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South Africans in the UK are spoilt for choices when it comes to shopping online for food products and nostalgia purchases. But it is a very, very competitive market. No shortage of Google Ads, all vying for that slot on the first page of the search results.

South African food products online in the UK

Which actually complicates things.

It’s less like the home one wants to remember. Facebook is more of the same. There is no shortage of groups to join, of people offering help and advice.

Despite which, moving and settling in the UK is still a challenge. Finding ones feet is not easy.

Best South African boerewors rolls in the UK

The biggest challenge we all have to face sooner or later is that things change. There is little point in looking back over your shoulder. We have to start again and build from scratch. Those sometimes dark days are done, experience, memories. But there is no reason not to explore a little.

Which is why I thought I would order my boerewors from an English butcher in the North West just to see how it is done.

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