Bread in a box grid

Bread in a box grid

Would you ever think of makingĀ  Bread in a Box Grid ?

When I first read this menu I remember thinking……..yeah wiseguy and how do you get it out? Well last Saturday I tried the recipe and it worked like a million bucks. The process is simple and although the ingredient mix is a little costly, it was all worth it.

So here we go:

Ingredients are:

Bread dough (prepared or make your own )

One punnet of mushrooms sliced ( we bought the large white ones and sliced them into BIG slices)

1 Large Onion(Diced)

Bacon chopped into small pieces ready for frying

1 Bag of Spinach (enough to fill the dough that you will put into the folding grid)

1 yellow Pepper (Sliced)

Handfull of pepperdews (chopped)

2 circles of Feta Cheese

1 Cup Mozzarella (Grated)

1 Cup Cheddar ( Grated and seasoned to taste)


Fry onions, mushrooms and bacon until cooked

Roll out your dough to fit the box grid

Layer 1/2 the spinach, Add bacon onto the spinach, then add mushrooms, pepper and chopped pepperdews.

Layer the 3 cheeses and top with the remaining spinach

Add seasoning and close over the dough to form your “pie”

Braai for 15 minutes turning regularly until dough is golden brown ( test by skewering the crust and checking when no dough sticks to the skewer – it is then ready)


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