West Midlands

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Commercial Food Photographers in the West Midlands

helephotography.com – Most of my work is photographing people or business settings like Restaurants, Offices, Clubs, Factories, Interiors and Architecture, Construction Workers on location. I aim to provide a high quality service and top value for money using high resolution digital photographic equipment. At our photo studio we normally do pack shots. We can retouch photos at the request of our clients who want to look lifted and fresh. Over the last few years I’ve been asked to shoot a number of weddings in a reportage style Natural & Relaxed Storybook format. Imagery is definitely an emotive channel which often can express a lot more than words and phrases. Opinions are made within a few moments and enduring perceptions are made. My own history of digital media and digital photography plus photo editing goes back to 1996.. However over the last few years after completing a few photography training courses and investing heavily in professional camera equipment and studio equipment, to help our web clients with the demands of the new and better photography and video media. I’ve started to offer photography as a stand alone service.