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There is a story behind the range of Chorleys sauces. A story about a life in Africa.

Smokey hot South African BBQ sauce in the UK

One that that starts in, what was at that time, Rhodesia and which has been told many times before over an open fire.

Best BBQ sauces in the UK

A story which has grown into a small family business now based in Truro, Cornwall. A county on England’s rugged southwestern tip, a peninsula that encompasses wild moorland and numerous sandy beaches.

Best South African restaurants in the UK

Typically South African, Chorley’s Restaurant is all about family, hospitality and more than you can eat. Wors, bunny chow, calamari, chicken wings, thighs and ribs smothered in a choice of their sauce.

Best biltong in the south of England

With some of the best biltong in the uk, dried wors and the sauces all online.

Authentic South African boerewors on the South Coast

As well as authentic South African boerewors which can be purchased from their restaurant.

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