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We were asked if we could make a built in fireplace for a client. When we asked whether they were going to braai ( barbeque) on the unit, we were told that we should accomodate a braai too..

Well the end result we made up, all in 304 grade stainless steel, was the braai / fireplace below.  We fitted a fire grate to accommodate the fire aspect. We also made some doors that double folded to create enough space that the owners could still use the work area alongside the unit and we added a damper to allow the heat to be retained inward when they were using it as a fireplace.

The nicest thing about our company is that we can customise stainless steel solutions for you, so if your braai is a different size, give us the measurements and we’ll make a grid or grate to suit

Braai Fireplace combinati IMG-20131001-WA0000

If you need any more information please feel free to contact me via mobile or email

0768165611 or botany@onthecoals.co.za

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